Ellen McCann Sculpture
Ellen McCann Sculpture


New work can be seen at the following exhibitions.

White Fox Gallery



Paisley Art Insitiute

Online exhbition. 

25th July-6th September 2020


I am delighted that I have been selected as the winner of the Joe Hargan Award for my sculpture entitled 'Coming Together' in the Paisley Arts Institute Annual Exhibition . Very chuffed.

The list of prizewinners is available on the PAI web page: https://paisleyartinstitute.org/exhibitions/awards-prizes/  


Coasts and Rivers

Tollboth Gallery


10th August- 9th September



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This website is one of these opportunities to let folks know of my work and what helps shape it.  It is there for you to enjoy and perhaps gain some insights.

Some recent sculpture images.


Ellen McCann

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